We in the Mid Tennessee Chapter of APICS have put together a list of past presidents from 1987- present, however, our Chapter was formed in 1964.  We are trying to compile a complete listing of past Presidents.  If you know the names of any of the Presidents prior to 1987, please contact us.

2014-2016  Karen Ludlum
2013-2014  Jack Lowry
2011-2013  Dale Pinnekamp
2006-2011  Ty Tabernik
2004-2006  Mike Moody, CPIM, CPM
2003-2004  Tom Jenkins, CPIM, CIRM
2002-2003  Ron Minnick, CPIM
2001-2002  Steve Scales, CPM, CPIM
2000-2001  George Gordon, CPIM, CIRM
1999-2000  Gregory Kelly, CPIM, CIRM, CPM
1998-1999  Harry Hubler, CFPIM
1997-1998  Mike Moody, CPIM (Butch Huff resigned due to health)
1996-1997  Lee Malone, CPIM
1995-1996  Heidi Kalakoc, CPIM
1994-1995  George Stickney, CPIM
1993-1994  Mike Moody, CPIM
1992-1993  Betty Thayer, CPIM
1991-1992  Royce Culpepper, CPIM
1990-1991  J Harry Hubler, CFPIM
1989-1990  Jim Hamilton
1988-1989  Brian Angle, CPIM
1987-1988  Edward B Wyatt
Before 1987 - Please contact us if you have further information